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She’s dancing to the echo of a Midsummer Night’s dream
frantically, passionate and wild.
She’s growing old, but it can never be seen
in the dance of the summer night’s child.
With long light nights she’s kept up the pace
twirling, teasing, luring us on.
With the last days of June she leaves us with grace
still humming her Midsummer Night’s song.

In a flurry of green, flowers grow in her steps
as she dances across the fields.
So frantic, so lustful, so lively – perhaps
unaware of the power she yields.
Unaware that she is the peak of our year,
the answer to winter’s prayers and hopes.
Unaware that her name is revered far and near,
she knows not of the longing we spoke.

She’s dancing to the dying ember of spring,
as she fills us with love and with lust.
In a rain of petals to the chorus birds sing
she will leave, as we know she must.
Oh, June, before the turning point of our year
stay longer we beg and plead!
It only gets darker when you’re no longer here,
please bring back the light we need.

As Midsummer’s past and we welcome July
we watch as she suddenly withers,
it will soon be over – we know she must die –
but I moan with regret and I shiver.
Again she will dance for us next year
with new scents of flowers and light.
She will return, but I always fear
she’ll be captured by winter’s might.

It’s so far been a miserable summer in Sweden, but the long light nights of June don’t really need sun or warmth to enchant (it would help, though). Our celebration of Midsummer is over, and for me who is addicted to the light, the knowledge that it will now only get darker until December is almost painful. Yes, we will still have sunny days and hopefully warmer weather in July and August, but the days grow ever shorter… I thought perhaps some adoration for June might be in order – very humbly inspired by the biography I’m reading about Swedish Master Poet Gustaf Fröding.


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I lay here silent
in a world of beauty.
Mute for all the world to see.
I cannot speak,
express the frailty
explain what life has done to me.

A plain old rock in water’s flow
nowhere to hide,
nowhere to go.
I cannot hide what I’ve become
cannot explain
the malice of some.

You see me in the corner of your eye
just out of sight
and out of mind.
I cannot explain how I was left behind,
just not in a state of
the regular kind.

So keep on walking, never mind me
I don’t expect
you’ll ever see
just what my beauty truly is.
As I watch the sun
give the water its’ kiss.

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The tick and the tock,
click and the clack,
time is running out
but for whom?

The wonder, the fright,
the dark, dark night,
time is running out
for you?

The scare and the wonder
is there a be-yonder?
The Death Watch Beetle
only knows.

I hear it clicking,
I know time is ticking,
but I never know
for whom.

Watching some quite silly American film… This is what popped into my mind. Might submit it somewhere for some prompt, but not sure where or when yet.

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I have walked far too long
with my gaze to the ground
without lifting my head,
without looking around.
I have seen winter’s snow
and summer’s green grass,
without ever looking up
at the world that has gone past.
I have lived my life
in avoidance and in shame
without wanting to join in
without playing others’ games.
I have melted myself
withered into tiny dust
focused thinking on the details,
without ever feeling lust
for the wide open spaces,
for the clear blue skies
for the winds that sweep the oceans
or the people who pass by.
I had managed to forget
felt no longing to be free
until the sky’s reflection
in a puddle I did see.
And I lifted up my head
dared myself to look around
and I found that there is so much more
to life than dirty ground.
I have lifted up my gaze
and will now embrace the world.
No more staring at the withered dust
for this little girl.
So I spread my dusty angel wings
and I soared into the sky
to rejoice for all the earthbound souls
who stand still as life goes by.
Let your heart be light, lift your gaze
see the wonders here and now!
Don’t look down
and miss the miracles
of a cloudless summer sky!

I owe the inspiration for this one to Mag 122 and the always amazing Tess Kincaid. The image so made me think of walking through a forest on a light summer night (living this far north at this time of year it doesn’t get much darker than this) and I was wondering why I’d be looking down at the puddle rather than up at the sky. I am late in posting, but this is what came out. 

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There are times when I really don’t want to be me!
Times when I just want to write
about all the wonderful people I see.

Parents who care so well for their child
or people who love
in a way they can’t hide.

But then I go back to being just me
and I’m not that perfect
person you see.

I find it really hard sometimes
to take on the guise
of the others outside!

I find it hard to let go of me
and be one of the others
the ones you want to see.

I find it hard to show you who’s real
and put up for sales
the feelings I feel.

There are so many times when I just
want to let go of pretense,
pretend that I’ve forgot.

Somewhere underneath this cover of me
dwells just that person,
the one you want to see!

I’m sitting here wondering who I am. What I should do with this blog and if I should keep on writing or not. This is the results, for now.

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If it were only as simple as black and white…!
Right or wrong, truth or lies
and no minefield wasteland in between.

If it were only a case of taking sides…!
Yours or mine, no or yes
and no dithering on possibilities in between.

If it were only…!

But who would set the standards?
Decide what is right or wrong.
Whose moral standpoint should we use
as our own rule of thumb?

So if it were only as simple as black and white..!
It really cannot be
at least not for those of us
who want to keep being free…

This was written a while back in response to a prompt on One Single Impression, but never got posted… It is, however, one of those philosophical ideas I bat around with myself, and thought I’d post it anyway. Also trying to get back to not putting images with every post, even though it feels very weird! *smile*

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I thought I was,
but I don’t want to be
the kind of person you think you see.
That is not the genuine me.

I thought I could
just ignore myself
the inner clamouring of my mental health.
My creative me and my poetic wealth.

I thought I wanted
to be that girl
who would give it a try, and smile at the world.
That is not how it works, I’ve heard.

So I think you should learn
to go your own way
and I really don’t have much else to say.
On this sunny day.

It’s a beautifully sunny day in Stockholm and I just got thinking about former friends and my own growth. I’ve had to make some tough decisions in the past year, and right now I don’t really regret them at all. When a relationship goes sour, whether it be a friendship or an emotional one, it is sometimes better to just walk away. 

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