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Little bird, don’t sit and wait for me!
My time is different here, you see.
I live a life that is long and full,
with time to waste and be dull.
Your life is shorter, you should fly!
Soar like an eagle up in the sky!
Pity me, bird, my time is long,
Yet I forget to enjoy your song!
Why is that so, oh bird, can you tell?
I should enjoy my long life so well!
Still, here I sit with my heavy heart,
so stressed that I don’t even know where to start.
Fly little bird, so precious your time,
but how I envy a life like thine!

Inspired by, and entered at The Mag 189.


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Grey, grey, charcoal and black,
leather, soot and a dirty mat.
Dust in corners on the floor,
grey, grey, I don’t care anymore.

Black night sky with a thousand stars,
grey, grey beats my empty heart.
Grimy, degenerate, used and thrown out
black from within raises scaly snout.

Grey, grey, dead moss on stone,
silent reproach from a telephone.
Mold on food and mold on bread,
grey, grey is a colour dead.

This came to me on my morning walk, looking at a world where every day takes us a day closer to winter darkness. The funny thing is that when I turned to my trusty Pinterest.com account for a suitable image to illustrate, none of the more than 1000 images I have collected there for poetic inspiration held enough grime and grit for this. In fact, I couldn’t find a single image that didn’t hold at least a little beautiful hope in it… Maybe I’m nowhere near as dark as I sometimes see myself?

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