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Photo by CC Champagne

Photo by CC Champagne

I remember the scent of the dew covered roses
and the glow of the rising sun.
I remember the burning of hot, white sand
on my feet as the days wore on,
but I don’t remember how long ago
and I wonder where life has gone?
Will I ever be that woman again?
Under the nurturing sun.

I remember climbing the tall chestnut tree
outside, in front of our home.
I remember digging paths in the snow,
for the dogs, when the winter would come.
But I don’t remember how it felt,
and sometimes it just makes me glum.
That I can’t go back to those childhood days,
filled with such innocent fun.

I remember the touch of skin on skin,
and the sound of a beating heart.
I remember the longing, the agony,
of lovers being apart.
But I no longer clearly remember how
or when a happy relationship starts.
Who makes the first move, who builds it up?
Is there someone who won’t depart?

I remember with colours, with longing, with scent!
I remember much more than I ought.
I remember both pain and happiness,
as I delve into long ago thoughts.
But I need to start making new memories,
need to stop saying ‘remember when?’.
Perhaps if I lose some old memories
I might be that happy again?


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A mind without fear,
a breath of peace,
a moment of silence
before the storm’s released.

An echo in the dark,
a glimmer of light,
a ray of golden sunshine
to brighten up the night.

A kiss of pure love
a touch without greed
an embrace full of forgiveness
in that worst time of need.

But a mind without fear
where the voices are mute
where peace really lingers
and the pain is less acute.

Does that really happen?
I ask, and if so, to whom?
For my mind is full of demons,
of fears and impending doom.

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