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The contest is over, and you know what? I win!
The prize, you may ask?
I say peace within!
In response to a silly mistake by me
my whole world was shattered,
but now you see;
I can do it alone – and do it better!
I feel really good,
though I’m sure it doesn’t matter.

The contest is over, and you know what? I win!
My smugness will evaporate,
pride is a sin!
Like the Phoenix from his ashes I feel I have risen,
a flightless chick at first
but for this I was destined!
I still thank you for once getting me started,
but I’m no longer sad
that our roads have parted!

The contest is over, now on to other goals;
To improve and get better
is a far saner role.
Revenge breeds revenge and jealousy breeds fear
you did really hurt me,
but you know what, my dear?
You were in the wrong, and I think that you knew it!
In my head I’ve won this contest
so here we go: Screw it!


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If I focus on the ticking of the clock
it will put me to sleep,
in a world without aches or pain,
without snow or rain,
without death or destruction,
without heartache or confusion.

If I focus on the ticking of the clock
it will put me in touch
with feelings quiet and balanced,
feelings peaceful and well-nuanced,
feelings good and true
feelings old and new.

If I focus on the ticking of the clock
it will make me forget
about famine and war
about chaos and succor,
about haters, criminals and natural disasters
about slavery, trafficking and wanna-be masters.

If I focus on the ticking of the clock
it may keep me from
feeling and
But it will also keep me from living
the life that goes on
while I focus on the ticking of the clock.

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Could it really be?

You and me?

Taking it slow,

seeing how it goes.

I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared!

Let’s see how it goes,

if we take it slow.

You and me?

Could it really be?

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I’ve got a one track mind
the kind you hide behind
and when I look at you
I have to!

I have a one track mind
and you will sometimes find
that when you look at me
it you’ll see!

My mind is all one track
it’s hard to turn it back
when down that slippery slope
it takes me!

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I believe I just received
the modern version of
a love letter.
Not in flowing verse or prose,
no comparisons to a fragrant rose,
not the head-over-heel kind,
just a simple ‘perhaps we can try’.
My world’s spinning a little now,
breathing slowly, feeling like a stupid cow,
for hoping and wanting for it to work,
slowing a heart down that is trying
to go berserk…
The voice of logic in my head,
the one who controls the show,
has assumed his commanding role
directing brain traffic to go really slow.
He’s the one I have to listen to
where love letters are concerned
because I do let my feelings and hopes
run away with me, and it leaves me
badly burned.
I don’t dare to trust, not again, not again!
But I want to trust in this lovely friend.
My world is spinning a little now,
breathing slowly, feeling like a stupid cow.
I believe I just received
the modern version
of a love letter.

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I’d completely forgotten about the Stockholm Tens tan… It’s the tan you get when you spend a day at the tournament, watching the games or… Let’s just say other, slightly more mouth-watering things. It’s the tan you get when you leave home in the morning (or around lunch-time) and the weather is so-so, so you don’t bother with things like sunscreen or if the clothes you are wearing will give you attractive tan-lines or not. And the sun always burn you at the Stockholm Tens. It could be because alcohol is consumed and you’re not thinking of the fact that your pale skin just soaks up sun or it could be because… Well, because it’s the Stockholm Tens and the sun will always shine.

Dragon Pyramid with Collan on top

It took me about thirty minutes from the time I got to Årstafältet before I was able to form any kind of semi-intelligent sentence whatsoever… Eye-candy! Everywhere! I am not kidding! Simply all over the place! I could be half-way through a sentence, trying as I was to introduce two rugby virgins not only to the game but to the tournament, when some drop-dead gorgeous, half-naked, muscular man walked past and I found myself going ‘Gagagagahhhhh…’, out loud! *sigh* Yes, I did get a few pretty strange looks, not just from my female tournament virgin friends (before they got into it themselves), but from the objects of my ‘gagagagahhh’-ings… Seriously, some of those men should come with warning signs!

Our favourite Charlie

Slowly we found our footing in the quagmire of divine male gorgeousness, found drinks, seats and other female spectators and the day that was had was simply amazing. I do believe I flashed my tits at least once, I know I lent my bra to a female rugby player (who came back with it while wearing another bra on her head), spoke to one male French rugby player who has been there every single year I have, was kissed by a South-African, gave two decent massages, felt quite a few bums (male rugby players have the most divine bottoms…) and drank an awful lot of alcohol. The thing about Stockholm Tens is that you just never get really, really drunk! If I had consumed those quantities of alcohol anywhere else at any other times I would be comatose, but this week-end in this company it just never hits you quite as badly.

Photo from Stockholm Tens 2009

I watched my timid Stockholm Tens virgin friends go from shy to far more daring than I’ve ever been at one of these things, saw one of my more experienced Stockholm Tens friends be bench-pressed, sang the song ‘Anthem’ from Chess at the top of my voice with another friend (to the general bemusement of those sitting nearby), tried (and so far failed) to blag more than one of the players out of their rugby shirts (I’m particularly interested in the ones that say ‘Kooga’ on the front and ‘Wardogs for hire’ on the back, since I think this would go great with my ‘cougar image’) and had an amazing time.

Collan being bench-pressed

The game, then, you might ask, what happened to the game? Hmmm… The Dubai Dragons had their asses handed to them by the Olorun Sharks, Attila ladies were severely beaten by the Moody Cows and… Sorry, but I have no idea about the rest of it. I saw some hugs, I saw some lifts but so far I haven’t seen a single streaker (hugely disappointed). Then again I have to say that the quality of the eye-candy (both male and female) has so far made every single moment I will spend feeling sorry for myself for my burned arms, face,  back and cleavage well worth it.

The organisation this year did leave a few things to be desired, though… Where is the paddling pool? Why was one of the tents only half erected? Can’t something be done about the price of beer? And can’t we have more than one week-end per year of this absolutely amazing event?

Tomorrow is the last day of this two-day event and I expect more of the same, though more people will be more severely hung-over, topped off with the end of the tournament party at Kolingsborg and the traditional skinny dipping session at the City Hall… I have already met so many who think I’m simply kidding when I say they should come with us!

The third ‘report’ from the Stockholm Tens 2011 tournament can be found here.
The first ‘report’ from the Stockholm Tens 2011 tournament can be found here.
For the original ‘I Heart Rugby’ piece, please go here

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Did you know that on this day in AD 781 the oldest recorded eruption of Mt. Fuji (Traditional Japanese date: July 6, 781) takes place? Or that it was on this day in 1492 that the Jews are expelled from Spain when the Alhambra Decree takes effect? Also on this day in 1588 the Spanish Armada is spotted off the coast of England and in 1703 Daniel Defoe, of Robinson Crusoe fame, is placed in a pillory for the crime of seditious libel after publishing a politically satirical pamphlet, but is pelted with flowers. On this day in 1919 the German national assembly adopts the Weimar constitution, which comes into force on August 1, whereas on this day in 1938 archaeologists discover engraved gold and silver plates from King Darius in Persepolis and in 1941 during the Holocaust and under instructions from Adolf HitlerNazi official Hermann Göring, orders SS General Reinhard Heydrich to “submit to me as soon as possible a general plan of the administrative material and financial measures necessary for carrying out the desired final solution of the Jewish question.”. This has become a very famous quote from World War II.

Furthermore, it was on this day in 1959 the Basque separatist organisation ETA is founded, in 1970 this day is referred to as Black Tot Day since it was the last day of the officially sanctioned rum ration in the Royal Navy and in 1991 The United States and Soviet Union both sign the Start I Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, the first to reduce (with verification) both countries’ stockpiles.

Some birthdays to remember on this day are John Ericsson, Swedish inventor and engineer (1803-1889), Wesley Snipes, American actor (1962) and J. K. Rowling, British writer (1965). Some known people who died on this day are Ignatius Loyola, Spanish priest and founder of the Jesuits (1491-1556) and Franz Liszt, Hungarian composer (1811-1886).

If you need a reason to raise a glass of bubbly on this day, then perhaps Heroes’ Day (Malaysia) or Ka Hae Hawaiʻi Day, a Flag Day (Hawaii) might be the thing for you. Personally I will be celebrating the 20th wedding anniversary of the world’s best mum and the world’s best dad – grattis på bröllopsdagen mamma och pappa! Jag älskar er!

For more information on historic events on this day, go here.

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