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Photo by CC Champagne

Nature is the true creator
the most beautiful work of art.
It fills my soul with longing
and satisfies my heart.

Be clear blue skies above me,
below me fertile grass.
The breeze will surely soothe me,
in all that comes to pass.

Yes, nature is our creator,
our ultimate work of art.
And if we only let the sun in,
it will tear the darkness apart.

This is my first offering for NaPoWriMo 2014, where the prompt was to write an ekphrastic poem (yes, I had to look it up, and it means a poem inspired by or about a work of art). I struggled with what to choose as my inspiration, until – going through my photographs for some kind of guidance – I realized that the most beautiful thing I know, and the most inspirational, is nature itself. So, one down and 29 to go. Enjoy!




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