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it is all you can do
to just breathe, catch your breath
– start with that.

air is all that you need
to keep the worst fears at bay
so just breathe.

At times
when it all seems so dark
and the pain’s all around
just exhale and let go
trust the air that you know
and just breathe.

it may take all you have
just to open your eyes
– start with that.

just a glimmer of hope
in the darkness of night
lets you breathe.

At times
when there’s nowhere to hide
and tomorrow’s a dream
stay right here and right now
fear just can’t keep its’ hold
when you breathe.

You should know
all those tears that you cry
all the fears deep inside
all the anger and hurt
all the bridges you’ve burnt
every ache that you feel
every nightmare that’s real
will all fade – give it time
if you just stay around
so, please breathe!

Last night I spoke to a friend who’s going through a really bad time lately and is partly still in that very, very dark place that most of us are lucky never to find… And I just want him to know that I’m so glad he’s still here.


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Photo by CC Champagne

Photo by CC Champagne

I had an opinion
and spoke it out loud,
saw it soar to the skies,
like an innocent cloud.
I spoke as I saw,
not intending to lay blame
but was brought down hard,
again and again.

When I told you I was sorry,
I didn’t see as you
you still held on to that
only what you said was true!
My every explanation
fell short and went unheard,
and when I tried to bow out
you didn’t want to hear a word!

Never called you a liar,
never said that you were wrong,
but I’ve a right to my opinion
a right equally strong.
In the end I think I got it –
for you there’s just one side
and from all other opinions
on this issue you will hide!

I never claimed to be just right,
but there has to be more than one side
in such an infected story
there needs to be more us and less I.
All I did was have an opinion
– one I felt perhaps you should hear
but you just wanted silence,
and that’s what you’ll get now, dear.

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