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Mag 309

I sense that you don’t trust me,
that you don’t believe I’m real.
That you don’t think that what I show
is truly how I feel.

I sense your deep set scepticism
and I feel all your doubts,
but, honey, if that’s all you have
then what are we about?

If you won’t ever trust me,
never take me at my word,
you won’t believe a thing I say
over anything you’ve heard.

If you cannot look in my eyes
and trust what you can see,
then, honey, there is no more ‘us’
then it’s just you and me.

More practise, I suppose… Magpie TalesMag 309 inspired this one. The look of doubt on that young girl’s face is just priceless!



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Photo by CC Champagne 2015

Milky white shrouds of cold air
covering the sun
budding blossoms hide their heads.

Bursting through the clouds above
golden orb of warmth
come out, rise up, enjoy, grow!

Suddenly it’s all around
with blooms, large and small.
Rejoice my friends, spring is here!

So, I haven’t written in almost a year, and this is a feeble attempt at a spring haiku, inspired by the Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille prompt over at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Obviously I will need some practise to shed those chains of rust that bind a hibernating poet, but National Poetry Writing Month 2016 (April) is just around the corner, and I will – again – attempt to rise to that challenge as well (30 poems in 30 days). Hang around and see how it goes…

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