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Image by Cheryl Kellar (click for link)

I lay back and watch the skies…
I’m the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
There’s no limit to what I can see,
now that my mind has been set free…

I let my heart wander, breathe more easily,
and see colours dancing peacefully
to a waltz that plays so silently
as I lay here, just being, blissfully.

The Milky Way is doing the tango,
Orion’s belt dances more of a mambo.
I giggle, I know that I’m too drunk,
and I know that the smells I hear have shrunk.

But I lay here and watch the darkening skies,
just me, the girl with kaleidoscope eyes.
Tonight there’s no limit to what I can see
now that my mind has been set free.

I can’t believe I missed this prompt, Poetics – Take a Leap With Cheryl Kellar, on d’Verse Poets Pub yesterday!! Beautiful, beautiful artwork by Cheryl Kellar, and the image above really caught my eye… My kaleidoscope eye… 


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Valborgsmässoeld, Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden Photo by Lars-Eric Örthlund

Today our bonfires burn
to let winter know it’s lost.
We burn dead branches,
we burn dead leaves
in a tradition of the old beliefs.
Yet as I feel empty and as I feel sad
when we burn our winter away,
I wish her welcome, with sunny days
come stay a while, sweet May!

For thirty days we’ve toiled.
We’ve twisted and turned our words.
Do we now let go,
forget our poems,
let the fires consume the words that flow?
Yes it will be empty and I will feel sad
when poetry month goes away.
We say good-bye to creative days,
but welcome, sweet month of May.

Yes!!! It is the very last day of NaPoWriMo 2014 and I have survived!! I have, indeed, produced a poem a day for thirty days (*whistles innocently at the fact that I’ve actually written almost 80 poems in 30 days*)! I have attempted new ways of writing, I’ve met new poets and I’ve found so much beauty! So we say good-bye – and that is the prompt of Day 30 for NaPoWriMo 2014 – to both winter, on this Walpurgis Night – and to NaPoWriMo 2014, but that does not mean farewell. It simply means that we move on, as we must. And who knows? There may be other poems in the coming months (hours, days or weeks), and there’s always NaPoWriMo 2015! To those of you who’ve stayed with me through this; Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all your patience, for your inspiration, for all your likes and, above all, for any and all comments.

I’ve also, rather cheekily, entered this poem at Poets United Midweek Motif May Day or Walpurgis night (unless they tell me I’m not allowed).




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Image by Steve Evans from Wikimedia Commons

I came to this primeval planet a thousand years ago
an explorer from another realm, a highly evolved star.
My mission was to stay, to observe, for just one Goalhuxian week,
but time on your planet is different and passes, for you, so very fast.

I’ve watched your centuries come and go, in silence as we do.
Taken note of your naive troubles, your wars, and looked longingly at your stars.
It seems to me, dear humans, in your oddly ephemeral lives, you tend to forget,
to stop and reflect, to put your roots down, forget to just be.

You are such a lucky race, humans, and there are millions of you,
but your waste of your lives astounds me as you fight for who is right!
I see all you do with my bountiful leaves, and when they fall,
my roots hear your thoughts, your wishes, your dreams.

You go on silly little adventures, like children excited by first snow,
and you think you rule the universe – like there are no others, unlike you?
And then you pretend to be grown-ups while poisoning all your land!
In your own little petri dish you isolate yourselves, to avoid taking the blame!

No, I prefer your fauna and the flowers that grow in your salty soil!
Whenever we share a river’s bank, a beautiful flower and I, I alway hear them cry.
And those amazing feathered creatures of yours, who sing from branches and chirp in the skies,
have you stopped to listen to them? Hear how they worry, taken heed of their warning?

I can’t interfere with your destruction, my mission just to observe
and so I stand here, silently, waiting ’til I can leave.
I stand here, clad in silvery bark, as your pollution sours the earth.
But beware, puny humans – your ways and your reputation precedes you
on your infantile galactic quest.
And should you continue,
take no pause,
not act to avoid your planet’s destruction
there will be no places in this universe you can run to!

I’m not exactly sure where this comes from, or if it really works (since it doesn’t rhyme), but this is what came to mind when reading up on the Baobab tree in response to today’s challenge Word List with Grapeling over at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. The words to use were (at least three of): primeval, adventures, grown-ups, clad, reputation, ephemeral, flower, lucky, poison, stars, bank, forget, odd, million, reflective, trouble, baobabs, silence, naive and explorer – and I believe I got them all?

Today is also the very final day of NaPoWriMo 2014 and I’m waiting with bated breath for the very last prompt… Anyway, hope you enjoy the baobab’s warning. 

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Photo by Sonita Lewis via Public domain pictures

We lived in a trailer, in the shadow of a tree,
just me and a dog named Allan.
We lived in accordance with nature, we
toiled from sunrise to sunset.

Well, toiled I did, Allan not so much,
he preferred to watch me working.
He’d yawn and he’d stretch, he would sometimes bark,
quite the team we were, us two.

In wintertime, when the days were dark,
we’d curl up together by the fire.
We lived our lives, eternally free,
just me and a dog named Allan.

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Photo by CC Champagne

Photo by CC Champagne

My pride and joy
has four little paws,
a wet black nose
and the biggest eyes.

My pride and joy
loves her meaty treats,
wags furry tail
and loves to sleep close.

My pride and joy
was not always mine
but love is ours
in its’ purest form.

My pride and joy
is no man’s toy,
she’s one of a kind
and I’m so glad she is mine.

This is for The Daily Post, where the topic today was Pride and Joy

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Pink Desert by Piotr Sidelecki (public domain)

Life is the longest journey
and I am gonna’ live forever.
I will taste the sunshine,
smell the wind,
hear colours bright
and in the end
I will touch eternity.

The sunshine will taste
like sweet summer’s wine,
the wind will smell
of rain
the colours will sparkle
as I listen
and eternity will feel smooth
to my gentle touch.

I went to Rome once,
with Rebecca,
and the lesson I learned
was that we are all
mere mortals.
And we dipped our feet
in the Trevi Fountain
and vowed to come back
to the eternal city,
at least once more
before forever was gone.

Life’s a long, hard road,
through the boonies!
Where desert heat
will make water fall,
and the wise man I met
along the way
said: In s’allah, manana, manana…
I learned and while I waited
for the red sun of wisdom to set,
The only thing
that made any sense
was the purest form
of pure madness.
Then, with wisdom’s newly earned wings,
I flew high towards the sun
and the birds all chirped,
in a choir of blood:
‘be fearful of CC,
be careful of her hunt’.

But if I live forever,
should I not stay on the ground?
Stand firm like the apple trees,
firm like the willow reeds?
Yes, I am gonna’ live forever,
forever until I die!
Ich werde für immer leben!
That was what the wise man said.
So as the dream-catcher
sings a sweet lullaby
I curl up and down and I sleep
like sunshine tastes.

Yes, I’m aware this reads like some kind of psychedelic LSD trip, but in a weird way it also makes sense (at least to me). Today’s prompt for Day 29 of NaPoWriMo 2014 (ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!!!) was to write a poem using a technique called ‘Twenty Little Poetry Projects” and I almost gave up then and there. The point of the exercise is to use each and every one of the twenty instructions below in one and the same poem. If I’ve missed any (I don’t think I have) I will blame it fully on English not being my mother tongue, just so you know! Anyway, I persevered, I tried and I hope you enjoyed!


1. Begin the poem with a metaphor.
2. Say something specific but utterly preposterous.
3. Use at least one image for each of the five senses, either in succession or scattered randomly throughout the poem.
4. Use one example of synesthesia (mixing the senses).
5. Use the proper name of a person and the proper name of a place.
6. Contradict something you said earlier in the poem.
7. Change direction or digress from the last thing you said.
8. Use a word (slang?) you’ve never seen in a poem.
9. Use an example of false cause-effect logic.
10. Use a piece of talk you’ve actually heard (preferably in dialect and/or which you don’t understand).
11. Create a metaphor using the following construction: “The (adjective) (concrete noun) of (abstract noun) . . .”
12. Use an image in such a way as to reverse its usual associative qualities.
13. Make the persona or character in the poem do something he or she could not do in “real life.”
14. Refer to yourself by nickname and in the third person.
15. Write in the future tense, such that part of the poem seems to be a prediction.
16. Modify a noun with an unlikely adjective.
17. Make a declarative assertion that sounds convincing but that finally makes no sense.
18. Use a phrase from a language other than English.
19. Make a non-human object say or do something human (personification).
20. Close the poem with a vivid image that makes no statement, but that “echoes” an image from earlier in the poem.

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I met Prince Charming in a dream last night!
We fell in Love and it felt so right!
As we were about to do the deed,
we were on the bed, I was full of need!
He said he loved me, and would for life,
but I needed to know he had a wife.
He asked if I’d be his bit on the side,
but I had to answer, with a deep, deep sigh
– and with my hands on his chiseled abs –
all I could say, though it made me so sad,
was I don’t think so, I got out of bed,
I left the room, dreams of love so dead
Could I have done that if it was for real?
Or sold myself cheap, made a bad, bad deal?
It was a beautiful dream and I won’t forget
the night Prince Charming in my dream I met.

I did have a dream like this last night (possibly due to having watched Once upon a Time before going to bed)… *sigh* Even in my dreams guys I like turn out to be sort of jerks (though, of course, the real Prince Charming would never do this), but I still enjoyed the dream while it lasted.

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