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photo credit: jurvetson via photopin cc

She rises from the cooling waves,
spreads her wings, prepares to fly.
Up, up she will soar, silently,
into the eternal sky,
But when Death sets foot on sandy beach
will the flowers wilt and wither?
When radiation, invisible,
turns summer into winter.

Once again I’ve jumped on the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads bandwagon for their Open Link Monday, but who can resist such a beautiful picture? *smile* Imagine that! Two pieces in two days, perhaps my muse is coming out of hibernation?


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A lonely heart just smolders more
at sunset than at dawn.
The glimmer of the day that’s passed
alone, just like before.
The red, the blood of passion lost,
the yellows, oranges and pinks.
No, being alone at sunset, dear,
just really, really stinks!

A lonely heart will shrivel up
and die without a word.
When sunshine fades, a cry goes out
that never will be heard.
Magnificently coloured,
the evening sky above.
But sunset is the saddest light,
for those who cannot love.

Impatient with my muse’s extended absence I took a stab at a prompt posted by Imaginary Garden with real Toads and their mini-Sunday challenge… 

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