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We speak with empty words,
in rare moments of silence.
Endless is our dance,
as we 
feed our muted souls.
Laying claim to knowledge,
we blindly witness the decay.
with grace,
Lady Justice looks away.

That is the root of madness,
in this inauspicious peace.
So brief our focus,
as we gorge, on bended knees.
Drowning in erotics,
while we stitch with threads of clay.
with grace,
Lady Justice looks away.

This is for NaPoWriMo 2016, Day 3 with the Wordle 245 prompt from the Sunday Whirl. I was really hoping to get it down to 55 words for The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads‘ prompt as well, but once I got to the end and felt the cadence was right, I couldn’t get myself to cut… I haven’t done a wordle in a very long time, but it was just as much fun as I remembered. Hope you enjoyed!



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Wordle #205

Sing, Craft, Repair, Deal, Billow, Frame, Chance, Add, Back, Exist, Fiery, Call

Let’s repair the broken frame, my dear
let’s sing and take our last chance.
It will take craft to mend this deal
but when it’s done we will dance!

Let’s take our life back, one last time
add new to what is old.
Let my skirt billow as we dance,
together happy and bold.

If I call your name, will you answer, please?
Remember that we exist!
Of our love, fiery, an ember burns
not all is lost in the mist!

It is with great sadness I make this entry to The Sunday Whirl and their wordle #205… This is one of my favourite prompts, and after being away from poetry for almost a year, The Sunday Whirl was the first place I went as I started writing again. But over the next few months I’ll have to find a Sunday substitute it seems, so I would like to thank Brenda for all the past wordles, wish her luck and hope (passionately) that she does come back in summer with more for her wordless! Good luck, Brenda!


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Wordle 204

Wild tongues burn through my dreams as they lift
and echo throughout my day.
Bring powers and hopes of new beginnings
as whispers show me the way.
I’m drowning, grasping at every straw,
praying I’m nearer the end than before.
A poorly made vessel of mortal clay,
for an eternity’s sleep I will always pray!

To dream – again! – perhaps of stolen youth?
Of health, of friendship and eternal truth.

Haven’t done one of these in forever and had forgotten how much fun it is. The words of Today’s Sunday Whirl, Wordle 204 were: through, an, burns, wild, tongues, dream, powers, beginnings, end, stolen and sleep. This is what I came up with. Just another ten days to NaPoWriMo 2015 and I hope you enjoyed!

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Image from Sunday Whirl, Wordle 164

stomping, back, sizzle, numbers, existence, hello, power, place, single, right, language, muffled

Heading back to my old stomping grounds
take a left at Nostalgia Square
to a time when I had the power, the right,
and took my place without a care.

On a walk down long ago Memory Lane,
counting numbers of friends I have lost
I hear muffled music, feel sizzling sun,
trace an existence I miss so oft.

A quick detour up Puberty Street
not a place I want to relive
say hello to the kids of the neighbourhood
who every single slight would forgive.

In any language, those carefree days
of sunshine, play and fun
are the stomping grounds I’ll remember most
green grass, blue sky, warm sun.

My offer for The Sunday Whirl and today’s Wordle 164 is a sunny walk down Memory Lane.

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Sunday Whirl 161

force, bread, chaos, disaster, alabaster, mine, altitude, plastic, people, graphic

Her giant plastic boobs and her alabaster skin
would drive the young men mad with lust to get with her, within.
The sultry mien upon her face, eyes burning up with lust
and how she moaned upon the screen whenever she was touched.

Her writhing, graphic nudity, this object of desire
for some would replace drink and bread, yes even warmth from fire.
The force which she was taken with on-screen was a disaster
for any pious people who their feelings couldn’t master!

The outcry, yes the outrage, oh please think of our young ones!
We can not let them be misled! What of our innocent sons?
Who gets to see this lustfulness, reserved for man and wife
and not displayed depravity, the worst we’ve seen in life!

Yet high above, at altitude, far away from all disgrace
there sat the movie-maker men, delighted by the chaos
for any public outrage, for indecency or morals
will basically, and this is true, to them mean just more dollars!

For the Sunday Whirl and Wordle 161… And I apologize for using poetic license with the word ‘mine’ which got turned into ‘mien’ for the sake of the poem – and for (according to my spell-check) inventing the word lustfulness…

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Image from Sunday Whirl

You were angry when I met you.
Had an axe to grind with everyone.
I thought my love would help you
settle down, get calm and be done

rubbing salt in all your open wounds,
spewing hateful names around,
about those you said had hurt you
but I believed you’d settle down.

I still thought you would listen,
that my love would be enough.
I knew we could have all our dreams,
but I know it might be tough.

I thought that if I was stubborn,
and there was no way I’d give up,
one day your anger’d shatter
and we could drink from happiness’ cup.

It was only when you started
to turn that anger at me
that I knew I might be in trouble,
knew a danger you could be.

At first I said I’d been clumsy,
that I’d fallen and bruised myself.
The marks on me slowly vanished
and I never asked for help.

When you pushed me through a pane of glass
and I lay looking at the sky,
I realized I’d lived in a dream land,
you didn’t value my love very high.

You were angry when I met you,
and you’re still very angry now,
but it isn’t my job to heal you
because I’d never succeed anyhow.

So I’m moving on with my own dreams
and I’ll focus on my happiness
because in your world of anger
love will always be second best.

Today’s Wordle 160 over at Sunday Whirl provided us with the words shatteringrubsettlenamelistenskydreams, axelandglassclumsy and vanish. This is where my muse took me, though I need to make it clear this is not something I myself have experienced. Unfortunately it is all too common anyway. Hope you enjoyed!

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Sunday Wordle 159

With broken eyes that see no light
in the darkest moment of the night.
When life is no more than a lie
and blackbird spreads its wings to fly.
Arise, arise, sweet morning sun,
the dead to their graves again have gone,
come set us free, from darkest night
and let us see, again, the light!

Yet another Sunday Whirl and I’m really starting to like these prompts. For Wordle 159 the words were: wings, blackbird, life, arise, broken, eyes, moment, see, light, dead, night and free. Hope you enjoy my dark interpretation!


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