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Photo by CC Champagne

Photo by CC Champagne

The first thing I see
when I look up from my screen
is the painting you made
that you gave to me
on our third date
or maybe the fourth
and all those long ago
memories burst forth

How we walked
the art we saw
How we talked

Discussions on history
Discussions on philosophy
Discussions on antiques
Discussions on art

The music
the wine
the sun

The kisses
the touches
skin on skin
the heat – oh the heat!

The first thing I see
when I look up from my screen
is the painting you made
that you gave to me
when I still dreamed
harboured illusions
before I became
old and disillusioned.

I didn’t check the NaPoWriMo FB prompt until late last night, so almost missed that they’d used a prompt I suggested! I thought it’d be rude not to write something to that prompt, even though I’m now a day late. The prompt was to write a love poem to the first thing you see when you look up from your writing. I will therefore offer this as my entry for NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 15.



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Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Wordle #55

We were so much younger then
in the epoch of neon and leotards.
Of the Breakfast Club,
Back to the Future
and Top Gun.
That sordid past,
filled with ambiguous teen-age feelings,
when only glue – barely – held our young hearts together.
We could find ninety-nine reasons
why no one could possibly understand us
(least of all the adults)
and we knew best!
Yes, we were the crest
– the pinnacle – of creation,
of the decade,
with vinyl albums
(soon to turn CD)
blasting music that would take over the world.
Guns n’Roses,
Depeche Mode
and U2.
All caution thrown to the wind,
responsibility out the window,
defenestrated reality,
but seeing our young reflections
as true and clear
in the beveled mirror’s fun house glass.
Could we have known?
Our decade of glory,
the decade of cocaine,
shoulder pads
and big hair,
would be nothing but
a stuttering memory
in history’s eternal database?
That a bale of turtles, dressed as ninjas
– the heroes of our time –
would soon be nothing
but a footnote steeped in nostalgia?
That we would soon be
the ones that don’t understand?
The ones who should leave the world
to the young ones?
Dinosaurs, medieval, ancient.

I probably could have gotten the word ‘hymen’ in there as well if I’d really made this personal, but thought it unnecessary. This is for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and their Wordle #55 where we are given 12 words and told to use at least ten of them. I managed eleven (marked in red). Right now I really do feel ancient too… It may still also be my entry into NaPoWriMo 2015 and Day 6, unless some more enticing prompt shows up once the Americans have woken up. 

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I wish I had been ready for you
back then, so long ago.
Had known the man you’d grow to be
but how was I to know?

I had the chance, I know I did
back then, so long ago.
Now it’s too late, the moment’s gone
and you will never know.

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Photo: Private

Photo: Private

Those were the olden days,
the golden days…
We were all so much younger then.
There were less complications,
more invitations
and so many, many more party friends.

They were the olden days,
the golden days…
And I’m dusting them off for a night.
Remember when?
And remember then?
All shrouded in nostalgic light.

Those were the days!
Ah, in so many ways!
And I’d take them back if I could.
But I’ll dust them off,
perhaps once is enough?
Though, with age, don’t know if I should.

The olden days…
Golden days…
We were all so much younger then.
I remember you,
you remember too…
All our secrets from way back when.

Ah, yes, those days…
Gone in so many ways!
But I still wish I could go back.
Relive my youth –
how much pain would it soothe?
Before it all fades into black…

A quick chat with an old friend opened the flood gates of memory, and I fell asleep with a smile on my lips.


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Image from Sunday Whirl, Wordle 164

stomping, back, sizzle, numbers, existence, hello, power, place, single, right, language, muffled

Heading back to my old stomping grounds
take a left at Nostalgia Square
to a time when I had the power, the right,
and took my place without a care.

On a walk down long ago Memory Lane,
counting numbers of friends I have lost
I hear muffled music, feel sizzling sun,
trace an existence I miss so oft.

A quick detour up Puberty Street
not a place I want to relive
say hello to the kids of the neighbourhood
who every single slight would forgive.

In any language, those carefree days
of sunshine, play and fun
are the stomping grounds I’ll remember most
green grass, blue sky, warm sun.

My offer for The Sunday Whirl and today’s Wordle 164 is a sunny walk down Memory Lane.

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Fleeting glimpse
of days and moments
now fading –
soon no more
than sepia coloured photos
of happier days.

Winter holiday at the grandparents, probably 1987

Winter holiday at the grandparents, probably 1987

overwhelming loss,
mixed with love,
tinged with joy,
set free by time’s flight –
memories of life.

My severely drugged up muse (new medication driving her/me nuts) really struggles of late… But as the topic of Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie‘s Shadorma Photo Prompt #10 is memories and I seem to be drowning in those lately, I thought I’d give it a try. As always, a Shadorma is a non-rhyming poem with a syllabic count of 3/5/3/3/7/5. The photograph shows me and the family Boxer Emil playing in the snowy forest across the street from my grandparents’ place circa 1987.

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Sunrise over the Caribbean 2011, Photo by CC Champagne

Sunrise over the Caribbean 2011, Photo by CC Champagne

When the screen goes blank
they all appear –
images of moments
far and near.
Happy memories
and sad sighs too.
All the photos taken
of my friends who
may no longer be there
or may be far away.
Pictures I have taken
on sunny days and grey.
Low sun over snow-scapes,
brilliant sunrise too –
reflections in the still lakes,
and lovers, although few.
Photos I took yesterday
and some from long ago,
when my screen is sleeping
that is what’s on show.

Today’s daily prompt Poetry Prompt 30 – Screensaver over at Pooky’s Poems actually managed to get my creativity to rear its head long enough for me to put these lines together… 

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