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Sunday Whirl 161

force, bread, chaos, disaster, alabaster, mine, altitude, plastic, people, graphic

Her giant plastic boobs and her alabaster skin
would drive the young men mad with lust to get with her, within.
The sultry mien upon her face, eyes burning up with lust
and how she moaned upon the screen whenever she was touched.

Her writhing, graphic nudity, this object of desire
for some would replace drink and bread, yes even warmth from fire.
The force which she was taken with on-screen was a disaster
for any pious people who their feelings couldn’t master!

The outcry, yes the outrage, oh please think of our young ones!
We can not let them be misled! What of our innocent sons?
Who gets to see this lustfulness, reserved for man and wife
and not displayed depravity, the worst we’ve seen in life!

Yet high above, at altitude, far away from all disgrace
there sat the movie-maker men, delighted by the chaos
for any public outrage, for indecency or morals
will basically, and this is true, to them mean just more dollars!

For the Sunday Whirl and Wordle 161… And I apologize for using poetic license with the word ‘mine’ which got turned into ‘mien’ for the sake of the poem – and for (according to my spell-check) inventing the word lustfulness…


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