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I don’t know what to do with my emotions,
heart racing through my chest!
Can I stop the madness? Should I take a pill (or ten)?
Or is this just one more of life’s tests?

The anxiety rips me to shreds, always wondering
at the end of the day when I’ll break?
Two seconds away from crying or screaming, but still
this might be what life takes…?

Just one more day, one more week – I can do it!
I am trying – and I know I ought!
I’ll get through it – well, everyone else does!
If I could only stop these wretched thoughts!

If I could unwind, unplug – shut down and
let it all be what it is!
Stop painting the sign of the ultimate failure
like fire-engine red on my lips.

But I don’t know what to do with my emotions,
who to turn to, to ask for advice?
When am I past my breaking point? Tell me!
I’m asking you now, really nice.

Never mind me, I’m just venting after a rough few days.


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