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Hurtling earthward,
with a snowball
and a weatherproof
Would an earthworm,
in a snakeskin
at a sideshow
be moonstruck?

Are we caretakers
of the wastelands,
with the newsroom’s
Or just tapeworms
on a moonbeam
in the cavemen’s

When a newsreel
causes uproar,
it will bankroll
the upstart!
Just be careful
of the snowball,
and the weatherproof

I have absolutely no idea where this came from or what it means… I was prompt hunting and stumbled upon Imaginary Garden with Real ToadsGet Listed – the compound word edition, which in turn linked me to this set of lists. The challenge was to use at least three compound words in a poem… At first I could not string two words together (hahaha! Compound words… Get it???), but suddenly I got some sort of rhythm in my brain going, and started throwing words together. This is, with a part jibber-jabber and some seriousness, the result. It will also be my entry to the NaPoWriMo 2016 Gods of Day Six.



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