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This is absurd! I heard her groan,
cowering under a barrage of foul words
and fists – his anger – for what, I don’t know.
He probably just woke up
on the wrong side of the bed
Or he had a few too many last night.

She always told me not to worry
when he started his regular shouting.
That she would always protect me,
I was her little angel and she would
let anything happen to me.

I knew she wasn’t weak, never weak!
I knew she meant every word she said
and she would never allow him to hurt me.
What I didn’t know was
just how mad
he was…
I doubt she did either –
until it was far too late.

This scribble is for Three Word Wednesday, where this week’s (3WW CCCLXVIII) words are: absurd, groan and weak. Please remember that not all poetry is based on real life.


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Image from Sunday Whirl

You were angry when I met you.
Had an axe to grind with everyone.
I thought my love would help you
settle down, get calm and be done

rubbing salt in all your open wounds,
spewing hateful names around,
about those you said had hurt you
but I believed you’d settle down.

I still thought you would listen,
that my love would be enough.
I knew we could have all our dreams,
but I know it might be tough.

I thought that if I was stubborn,
and there was no way I’d give up,
one day your anger’d shatter
and we could drink from happiness’ cup.

It was only when you started
to turn that anger at me
that I knew I might be in trouble,
knew a danger you could be.

At first I said I’d been clumsy,
that I’d fallen and bruised myself.
The marks on me slowly vanished
and I never asked for help.

When you pushed me through a pane of glass
and I lay looking at the sky,
I realized I’d lived in a dream land,
you didn’t value my love very high.

You were angry when I met you,
and you’re still very angry now,
but it isn’t my job to heal you
because I’d never succeed anyhow.

So I’m moving on with my own dreams
and I’ll focus on my happiness
because in your world of anger
love will always be second best.

Today’s Wordle 160 over at Sunday Whirl provided us with the words shatteringrubsettlenamelistenskydreams, axelandglassclumsy and vanish. This is where my muse took me, though I need to make it clear this is not something I myself have experienced. Unfortunately it is all too common anyway. Hope you enjoyed!

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The moment is frozen in time
as the coffee cup falls to the floor.
No more, no more!
Heart pounding, urging my mind on!
No more, please, no more!
The moment,
precise to the nano-second,
when I know I’ve been here before.
Patterned cup floating through solid air
as it falls, in slow motion, to the floor.

This is my entry for this week’s Magpie Tales, Mag 102. My mother has cups with these kinds of patterns, which is possibly why my inspiration started spinning on the cup-theme.

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